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Telling the Story through Personal Experiences

Princella Smith

Political Commentator

Republican Activist  

E-Communication Leader & Lecturer

“My life pretty much changed overnight.”

That's how Princella describes speaking at the

2004 Republican National Convention

at the age of 20.

Story: I was born and raised in Wynne, AR the first of three children and the only girl. The granddaughter of a sharecropper and daughter of a minister and an educator, I could not help but have strong blood run through my veins. Love for God first and family second served as themes for my childhood and have helped to shape my young adult life. Rural America introduced me to community service and the value of human life at an early age.

My maternal grandmother saw in me the gift of words which she detected quite early.

My parents quickly discovered my desire to be like “grown folks” in my adamant curiosity of the national news, and pesky habit of what they called “getting into grown folks business”. Of course, they would have none of the latter, and they quickly found a way to help channel the energy: they bought me books. I read encyclopedias. I read the Bible. I read volume sets that they bought. My mother read me history stories. Read more

Travels from: Washington, DC 

Recommended Category: Blogger, Legislative, Political, Motivation & Inspiration, Leadership, Women's Issues, Life Issues.


Princella Smith serves as Chief Advocate (national spokesperson) for the Platform of the American People at American Solutions, an organization founded by former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich. 

Additionally, she serves as a guest lecturer for The Leadership Institute an organization founded by Morton Blackwell committed to identifying, recruiting, training and placing conservatives in the public policy process.

She is a frequent guest speaker for various groups and organizations and is a Visiting Fellow for the Independent Women's Forum's campus program.

During her collegiate years, Princella partici-

pated heavily in statewide and national government including national internships.

She was propelled into the national spotlight in 2004 when she won MTV's ‘Stand Up and Holla" essay/speech contest and

became a became a prime

time speaker at the Republican

National Convention in

New York City.

During the 2006 elections, Princella served as the E-Campaign Director for Michael Steele's senate race in Maryland, managing all electronic communications for the campaign, including the official campaign website. She also served as the director of Students for Steele throughout the campaign.

Princella is a graduate of Ouachita Baptist University in Arkansas, where she majored in Political Science with a minor in Communications and History and was the offensive player of the year for the Lady Tigers basketball team.

Reporter Gerard Matthews of the Arkansas Times recently wrote, "looking at her record, it’s no surprise that Princella has climbed the Republican ranks so quickly. Between her junior and senior year at Wynne High School, she was elected governor of Girls State, a summer

leadership program sponsored by the American Legion. She then took on internships with then -Gov. Mike Huckabee and then -Lt. Gov. Win Rockefeller."

Many are keeping an eye on Princella Smith as a key future leader of the GOP in the South.

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Princella is a regular political contributor and has been featured and/or written for several national media outlets including FOX News, FOX Business News, CNN, CBS, MSNBC, Bloomberg News, NPR, the New York Times, USA Today, XM Satellite Radio, and The Chronicle of Higher Education, Essence Magazine, YouTube News, XM Radio, Armstrong Williams Show, NPR, AOL Radio/TV, , Black America Web, Rock the Vote Online, Daily Kos ,,,, Huffington Post, and several local press/media outlets among others.  



Listen Faustas Blog -Princella talks about energy policy, politics, and the upcoming election.


The Huffington Post -

Awakening the Deafening Silence: An Elephant Never Forgets

Princella Responds to Tavis Smiley's Criticism of Silent Black Republicans. Dr. Wayne Bowen of Ouachita Baptist University

contributed to this post.

What people are saying...

Princella's presentation in the New Politics Forum Campaign 2008 Presidential Election Debriefing stood out as a highlight of the con-

ference. It was instructive and engaging, and her sense of humor and candor were especially appreciated by the students. The questions she raised and the energetic discussion that was provoked set the tone for the entire performance.

The New Politics Forum was born out of a desire to educate young people by creating a place where they can begin a dialogue with the political practitioners and with each other. Even though we had the highest of hopes for this project, I am still taken aback by the ex-
citement generated among the students. It is not an overstatement to say that this could not have been accomplished without Princella's talent and passion.

Emily Balanoff,

Annette Strauss Institute

for Civic Participation

…“I have no fear that this nation will be well served by patriots such as Princella. Princella has the aptitude and the attitude to accomplish great things. There is room in the political process on both sides of the aisle for articulate young African Americans who relish being stakeholders in making great”

..."intelligent and articulate, your comments are well thought and well stated. Bravo on your performance on Fox News."

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