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Telling the Story through Personal Experiences





Youth Ambassador

The Power of a Question


Story: Mark grew up in Middle America, the son of two teachers. His junior year he made a life altering decision that would set the course for his entire future. As an adult, Mark spends most of his time with young people and those who work with them.

Mark is intimately acquainted with the immense challenges today's young adult face. In 1990, after nearly losing his wife to a life threatening illness and his marriage on the brink of divorce, he was faced with the stark reality of a broken home and the realization of how that would impact his children.

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Recommended Category: Youth, Leadership,Life Issues, Motivation & Inspiration, Men's Issues.

Mark’s professional, family, and life experiences have fueled his passion to connect with audiences along the themes of faith, culture, and family. Mark’s unique method of commun-ication revolves around asking powerful and poignant questions woven into the context of everyday life issues.

Whether he's talking to students at a graduation banquet, parents at a church forum, or business leaders about education issues, he brings his experience as a father of four and a life long advocate of education together with his faith for an amazing presentation.


Mark began his career teaching middle school

science and coaching varsity sports. Over the

past 25 years he has also been a student mentor and

a tutor. 

From there he has worked for an educational company as a curriculum developer and professional develop-

ment seminar presenter.

In addition to developing

multimedia based curriculum,

he speaks regularly to

teachers, teenagers, and

college students across the


Mark has worked with a wide range of groups

including FCA, YMCA, YWCA, Young Life, public schools, private schools and church youth groups.

Mark is also the founder of This Time Product-

ions. He is currently is in the process of developing a wide range of information products and resources.


Mark is the author of

5 Questions for a Graduate, the first in a series of gift books based on the five question theme.

5 Questions for a Graduate

guides the reader on an introspective journey through broad themes including gratitude, relationships, reconcil-iation, gifts and talents, and faith.

Mark describes his approach to the topic. "When I started the book I had two major assumptions. One is that at graduation

most seniors don't want another big book to read. Second, they are now at a place in life where they are ready to put what they have learned into action. I believe that part of this process includes wrestling with challenging and important questions."

"For most graduates, this is

a time when a lot of people

come around with free ad-

vice. I wanted to do the opposite. I wanted to give grads an opportunity to examine their own heart and life experiences. Hopefully it will prompt them to consider what lessons they have learned and help them draw some conclusions concerning the future."

What People Are Saying...

“Mark truly has a talent for teaching and connecting with his audience.”

Collinsville, VA

“This was the best planned seminar I have attended in 11 years of teaching.”

Coldwater MI

“He was fun and interesting, the message really made me think about things”

Murfreesboro, TN

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