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Telling the Story through Personal Experiences

Doug Wollman

Gifted Composer.

Talented Key-


Father of Blended



Foster Advocate.

Story: Doug and his wife Stacey launched Spirit Breeze Music &

Ministry and travel together

when requested encourag-

ing the body of believers through their music and testimony. Doug has two instrumental CD’s, a Christ-mas CD and is currently working on a worship album.

Travels from: Rapid City, SD

Recommended Category: Entertainment.

Life Issues. Men's Issues. Motivational & Inspirational. 


Doug Wollman. Gifted

composer. Talented key-

boardist. Visionary Leader.

Caring husband to his wife

Stacey and their four children including foster children. All of

the above phrases give you a

word picture of this man who is passionate about his faith, family and music.

It is Doug's strong family ties and spiritual

commitment that shaped his life from an

early age. Born and raised in South Dakota, much of

of his inspiration comes

for the beauty of creation

and his deep love for his state and country.

Doug began to nurture his God given music

ability early on in his

life. His parents recog-

nized his musical talents and supported his desire

to play the keyboard.

Doug played weekly in

his home church's worship band, performed at local events and venues, traveled with the WRECK youth band.

In 2002 he joined singer/song writer Ken

Verheecke with Wind and Wheat Music, touring across the United States adding his keyboard gifts to the inspiring acoustic sound of Ken. He recently lent his talents to Ken Verheeke's Heartbeat Music release "Taken by the Wind...Songs of Intimate Worship Vol. 2".

Doug's debut release on Wind and Wheat

Music is titled "Face of the Deep". This

instrumental recording celebrates the beauty

of creation.

Doug's Music:

Doug Wollman

Release Date: Sept 14, 2007

Total Songs: 9

(view album and songs)

Wing and a Prayer

Doug Wollman

Release Date: Sept 03, 2007

Total Songs: 16

(view album and songs)


Doug Wollman

Release Date: Nov 15, 2004

Total Songs: 12

(view album and songs)

Awakening of Dreams

Doug Wollman

Release Date: Jun 15, 2004

Total Songs: 12

(view album and songs)

Face of the Deep

What people are saying...

"Doug has an innate ability to create and set different moods with his music. He uses the Korg Triton Pro as his instrument of Praise. He acknowledges God who has given him the ability to write and compose and it is Doug's desire to give it all back to God."

Ken Verheecke

Now accepting performance

invitations for your...

Pregnancy Resource Center Fundraiser

Youth Event

Christian Music Festival

Pro-Life Event

Foster Awareness Program

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