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Telling the Story through Personal Experiences

Becky Soske


Small Business Owner

Mother of Five:

1 son lost to abortion

1 daughter lost to


2 daughters

1 son - all thriving,

healthy & blessings

Pro-Life Patriot

“My life pretty much changed overnight.”

That's how Princella describes speaking at the

2004 Republican National Convention

at the age of 20.

Story: “Looks like we got it all,” the doctor declared as he finished his procedure. His tone of voice suggested a sense of satisfaction that he had successfully completed the task at hand. His demeanor was sterile and businesslike, much like the room in which he was working. For him, this was one job done, with many yet to go. His schedule was full. This was his routine, his work day after day. But for the patient, those moments in the room were the death of who she was. The time was difficult for her to pass. First, there was the shot. She didn’t know what drugs the doctor used, but it caused her heart to race. She felt as though her heart would burst out of her chest. read more

Travels from: Casper, WY

Recommended Category: Author, Life Issues, Legal & Legislative, Motivation & Inspiration, Women's Issues.

Becky’s life experiences allow her to share with her audience the most intimate pain she has suffered: the loss of her first son to abortion.

Becky is a passionate communicator who presents a message that will move the hearts of the audience to compassion, prayer and action.

Her unique story of healing has the ability to turn the light on in the darkness, leaving the audience refreshed by the power of God.


Becky’s professional training is as an educator for Special Needs children. She has years of experience working with the most difficult youth population: emotionally disturbed youth. God allowed those experiences with challenged youth to define for Becky just how precious life is in His eyes.

All life is valuable and has purpose is Becky’s motto. She spent years helping other children

while unknowingly avoiding the first child in her life: her son Peter, whom she aborted when she

was 18. 

God used nearly every circumstance in her adult life to point her to His Truth, and His healing. Little by little, God opened up this hard place in her heart that Becky had protected so long. 

More than seventeen years

passed in this healing

process, but through it all

God revealed Himself to be Her Abba Father. He

placed loving Christians

in her life wherever she

went; no matter if she was in Wyoming, Massachusetts, New York, the country of

Romania, or South Dakota, God always prepared the way for her to see His Divine Hand.

Once a shy girl who never thought of public speaking as anything she would do, God has given Becky the calling to share her story and His healing. She stepped into public speaking in

2002, and since that time she has been sharing

her story with groups of every size and age. 

Becky is the past President of the Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center Board of Directors in Rapid City, SD. In the past year, her family relocated to Wyoming, where she continues to be an advocate for Life.


“I Am Not Ashamed”

published June 2008

Hopes, dreams, and plans for a bright future were halted by one afternoon in a clinic. That moment in time chang-

ed Becky'slife forever.

What she thought would be the answer” to her problem” resulted in a battle for her own life. She struggled to understand how to get her life back in order. Though there were moments when it seemed too difficult to go on living, God was there, preparing the way.

Follow Becky on a journey from darkness to light, one that spans her entire adult life. Experience with her the depth of pain and suffering she endured as a result of having an abortion when she was eighteen-years old. Fighting to find the peace that eluded her for so long, she learns along the way that with God, nothing is impossible. New hopes, new dreams and new plans are granted by a loving, merciful God.

Review: This book takes you along on the journey of the author's abortion of her son Peter. You travel with her down to her lowest demise into her own hell. You feel the very depth of her agony in this heart wrenching story. This story will touch the very depth of your soul. Your spirits will soar with joy at her triumphant rise as a child of God. Very well written! I would highly recommend this book for anyone out there who thinks a woman should have a choice. Read this book carefully and then stand up and say: I AM FOR LIFE!

For more information on this book, visit the publisher at

“Just The Way He Wanted Me to Be”,

a children’s book published April 2007

"Just the Way He Wanted Me to Be" tells the true story of a little girl who is being bullied at school. She comes home and takes her frustration out on her little sister and brother. Her mom can tell something is not right, Grace is just not behaving like usual. What her mom discovers is a daughter with a broken heart who needs a reminder of just how precious she is to God. "

Just the Way He Wanted Me to Be" offers a unique perspective on helping children cope with being bullied. Grace learns that God loves her just as she is, because He made her that way. Grace realizes that what matters most is what God thinks of her. This book will encourage readers old and young to see who they are through the eyes of their Creator.

For more information on this book, visit the publisher at



Faces of Abortion

Click here for an audio

version of the TV Show.


Beyond the Bandaide Radio on

will features Becky's story in a

two part series. 


Live Appearances

Pro-Life Political Rallies

Right to Life Annual Remembrance Events

Mothers of Preschoolers meetings

Non-denominational Women’s Retreat

Youth Groups

Sanctity of Human Life events

Pregnancy Center fundraiser events

Many church appearances

South Dakota State Senate Hearings

Special Appearances

  • Calvary Temple Assembly of God, Spearfish, SD: guest speaker 2004
  • First Assembly of God, Rapid City, SD: guest speaker 2006
  • Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center Fall Fundraiser, Rapid City 2005
  • Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center, Thank You Event 2008
  • Douglas Assembley of God, Sanctity of Human Life Day, January 2009
  • Douglas Assembly of God, August 9, 2009

Now accepting speaking

invitations for your...

Pregnancy Resource Center Fundraiser

Church Congregation

Pro-Life Event

Banquet or Conference

Abstinence Program


Christian School or University

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